Social and cultural development in ANAM applies measures aimed at improving the quality of life and helping achieve a higher and socially inclusive economic growth through the use of local resources and affordable services. It recognizes the cultural values, heritage, knowledge, creative initiative and aspirations of the community members and its relevance to shaping a cohesive social environment.

ANAM city will build a social network that supports a vibrant community of residents and visitors propelled by institutionalization, training opportunities, cultural and recreational activities and the provision of needs-based services and facilities that contribute to a higher quality of life. Achieving a coordinated social network considers:

  • Stakeholder Consultation and Participation
  • Provision of Community Services and Facilities
  • Public Spaces for Everyone
  • Community Safety
  • Recognition and development of indigenous culture and heritage

Dr. Aloy
Anam City is a dynamic model for sustainable development that balances ecology with economic growth, delivers world-class quality of life across generations and leverages technology within the African culture of collective progress. The new city project is a collective effort of the greater Anam community in partnership with the Chife Foundation.