Energy fuels economic activity and growth, granting access to light, technology, and a more prosperous future. Renewable energy sources in Anam City include biomass, solar, and hydro.Leveraging established technologies in innovative ways, Anam City will serve as a model for holistic off-grid energy systems. Design strategies for the system include:

  • Independent micro-grid solar PV systems, or green islands, to power housing clusters,computer labs, a hospital compound, etc.
  • Linkages between green islands to balance supply and demand, forming a “green archipelago”
  • Creative energy storage strategies, such as thermal energy storage for buildings
  • Waste-to-energy biomass digesters and biogas systems
  • Environmental impact analysis over whole life cycle to inform design
  • Neighborhood-scale utilities such as solar water pumping and biogas digesters to balance economy of scale with design complexity
  • City and neighborhood energy conservation programs; and
  • Hybridized public utility and Independent Power Producer (IPP) model to grow energy capacity in a socially and economically sustainable way.

    Dr. Aloy
    Anam City is a dynamic model for sustainable development that balances ecology with economic growth, delivers world-class quality of life across generations and leverages technology within the African culture of collective progress. The new city project is a collective effort of the greater Anam community in partnership with the Chife Foundation.