Meet the Community

The people of the Anam region come from a rich history deeply rooted in their locale and respective of the larger Igbo people of Nigeria. Present day Anam is a collection of at least eight small settlements in the Niger/Anambra River basin making up about 4% of the state’s population. Each Anam community has atraditional leadership councils and town union and often collaborate politically and hold cultural celebrations together. Anam people are predominantly farmers skilled in the cultivation of yams, cassava and fish. Like many African communities, family relations are a cornerstone of Igbo cutlure just as the relationship with the land is sacred.

As with many places around the world, these communities are more and more influenced by the global economy.
Today as a group with regional influence, the Anam people have joined together, recognizing a need to improve the lives of their people. They have initiated a movement called “Anam Rebirth” with the goal of emerging as a reorganized Anam society that is more resilient through improved infrastructure, social services and a stronger economy.

Dr. Aloy
Anam City is a dynamic model for sustainable development that balances ecology with economic growth, delivers world-class quality of life across generations and leverages technology within the African culture of collective progress. The new city project is a collective effort of the greater Anam community in partnership with the Chife Foundation.