The urgent need for sustainability today demands new systems of thinking and new approaches to problem solving — new spheres of logic. Societies are no longer considered outside of or independent of the natural environment, neither can both exist outside of the influence of technology. The Logic of the NAC model is the unique conceptual basis and theoretical underpinning of our sustainability perspective which lives in the confluence of three spheres: Sociologic, Ecologic and Technologic (SET). The three spheres together form a regime of sustainability in which all three interactively control performance, viability and outcomes. Thus, each strategy within the Master Plan is assessed by these mutually reinforcing logics.

  • SOCIOLOGIC: a strategy that is culturally relevant, collectively improves human quality of life and encourages responsible citizenship. A truly sustainable urbanism is facilitated and manifested through its social roots, it must be grounded in cultural heritage, both in practice and in form.
  • ECOLOGIC: a strategy that is a balanced and respectful management of natural resources that meets human needs, enhances natural beauty and mitigates natural hazards. The local ecology has been a source of physical sustenance, creative inspiration and a struggle for survival. These three experiences are independently significant but must be fairly and simultaneously addressed.
  • TECHNOLOGIC: a strategy that is a practical, problem-solving application that supports resilience, optimizes processes (time, money, resources), and applies indigenous knowledge systems while advancing innovation. Technology facilitates solutions that are readily implementable, scalable and able to yield tangible results for the present generation.

Economics, though traditionally understood as the third sphere of sustainability, is excluded from this SET not as a devaluation of the global phenomena, but to advance the assertion that a system of production of material wealth is not central to, but results from the collective endurance and progress of humankind as derived from this SET. The model posits the Logical SET of interrelationships as the basis for articulating a truly sustainable city. It is uniquely African and universally laudable.

Dr. Aloy
Anam City is a dynamic model for sustainable development that balances ecology with economic growth, delivers world-class quality of life across generations and leverages technology within the African culture of collective progress. The new city project is a collective effort of the greater Anam community in partnership with the Chife Foundation.